5 penny tips for choosing the right slot machines online

Ask any online casino player what the most popular game he knows, and the answer will be simple - video slots! So it's no wonder that slot machines make up the most important part of the gaming catalog of gaming sites like confusedcasino.com. This is because video slots are convenient for newcomers, and the cash prizes and bonuses are probably the best in the online gambling industry.

However, due to the large number of online options, slot machine enthusiasts often find it difficult to choose the best title. So, if you are faced with the same situation, this guide to slot machines should come in handy.

Payout Percentage.

With hundreds of video slot options available, it's important to remember that not all are created equal. Therefore, you should look carefully at the game's RTP (percentage of payout to the player) before you play. RTP is the average payout percentage that players can expect in the long run. This feature is also available in online casino games such as roulette , poker and blackjack .

For instance, if a video slot has a payout percentage of 96%, that means players can expect an average return of $96 for every $100 wagered. With this in mind, it's best to choose slots with low RTP rates. Ideally, it should be between 3% and 4%. Just remember that a low house advantage does not necessarily mean a higher chance of winning.


If you enjoy playing jackpots on video slots, you probably know something about volatility or variance. If you are completely green in this area, volatility determines how much and how often a player can expect to win. Video slots have high, medium or low variance. Just find which one works for you.

Fortunately, it all depends on the size of your bankroll in this regard. High volatility slots are what those who like to play jackpots and are patient to get the big prize. But if you want smaller but more frequent payouts, choose slots with low volatility. Find the right balance between the two by playing slots with medium volatility.

Bonuses, Freespins and other features

Playing video slots or any other game at an online casino should first and foremost be fun. Fortunately, most regulated online casinos offer video slot bonuses to both new and regular players. Usually you will probably find scatter symbols, bonus symbols or free spins. So keep an eye out for one of these promotions. The free spins are usually the most lucrative of the three.

Aside from the free spins , you should also check out the other random features in the video slot title. Take a look at the gameplay, picture and sound quality and so on. As stated at the beginning, casino gaming is mostly about having fun. After all, it may be impossible to win anything by playing a video slot that you don't like. Familiarize yourself with the information on this web site and increase your chances of winning at online casinos.

Number of Play Lines

The number of paylines is an underestimated but important criterion for choosing a slot machine. The number of paylines determines the number of winning combinations available on a particular video slot. Surprisingly, it is advisable to look for video slots with multiple paylines. Those with fixed paylines require players to bet on all available paylines.

Interestingly, some slots allow players to make adjustments and choose a line to activate and use during the game. In doing so, each line counts as a separate bet. So, let's say if you choose a video slot with 20 paylines and you have a $0.10 coin, each spin on the reel costs a total of $2.00. Choose wisely!


Other features such as software developers and jackpots are also important when choosing slot machines. In addition, smart players always have a certain bankroll that they stick to. This will keep you from being a financial mess in pursuit of losses. And most importantly, play at the best regulated online casinos.