Football betting - explanation of the rules, types of bets and tips

Today football is the most popular team sport on all continents of our globe. The popularity in North America as well as in Asia is growing. The classic football-mad continents of Europe, Africa and South America have always been infected with this beautiful virus.

The great players in this ball sport are, above all, the teams from Europe, who exude the greatest charm all over the world, and are also becoming more and more popular.

It is not for nothing that the top European leagues such as the Premier League, the Primera Division and the German Bundesliga are stepping up their global marketing activities with great success.
Teams such as FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Manchester United, FC Bayern Munich and other European football heavyweights are very popular. The UEFA Champions League is still considered the most prestigious club competition in the world.

Football is the main market in asian betting and has the largest market size by far. The offer is huge and there are more than enough options for betting on this sport with almost every provider.

With a strong media presence, a lot of live information and reporting is also available. This is a distinct advantage for the sports bettor as information must be at the basis of every bet.

In this regard, it is also obvious that the most successful are the national teams of those countries in which the club teams also represent the highest world level.

In addition, of course, there are many South American nations, many of which play for the best club teams in Europe. In many classic football countries, football is the undisputed national sport, and the enthusiasm of young and old alike cannot but excite.

This sport originates in China, where the first such sporting events appeared. A game called “kuju” was known here, which was already a kind of football - at least the ball was played with the foot.

However, similar forms of play can also be found in ancient Greece, early England, and also in parts of the Americas. Football, as we know and love it today, appeared around the middle of the 19th century.

The foundations were laid in 1848 when students at the University of Cambridge drew up the first rules. Nine years later, Sheffield became the first official football club in the world, and in 1863 the FA (Football Association) was founded in London.

In doing so, a comprehensive set of rules was created for the first time and the first football association was born.

Wherever football was played, it was originally considered a means of physical fitness, and was also used for this purpose in the army.

By the way, football did not reach continental Europe through the great football nations of our time such as Germany, France or Spain. It was English students studying in Swiss private schools who made a great contribution to the spread of the game of football in Switzerland, thus laying the foundation for its popularity in Europe.
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