The most famous films related to games

There are many cinematic films that deal with issues related to the world of games, and card games in particular: some of them are constructed as real documentaries about the rules of the game, others are films in which the game is an integral part of the narrative. It's a genre that's become so famous that it has its own name: when a movie focuses on gambling, it's a gambling movie genre. It would be impossible to make an exhaustive rating of all movies related to gambling, but many have tried to list the best of all time. Read even more information about cinema and gambling films at this link -


Casino is probably the most famous film related to this world: it was released in US cinemas in March 1996, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, as well as excellent performances by Sharon Stone and James Woods. The plot is simple and related to the story of one of the many casinos in Las Vegas controlled by the mafia: Robert De Niro plays a casino manager who has very close relations with the mafia world.

Casino Royale

No less famous is "Casino Royale", a film directed by Martin Campbell with 007 in the role of Daniel Craig, which was released in British cinemas in November 2006. Among the most iconic scenes is the final hand of a poker game (specifically Texas Hold'em) between Bond and Le Chiffre, the nemesis of the moment in this 007 adventure.

Rounders is

Rounders is a very famous movie based on poker that was shown in US cinemas in September 1998: in this movie, the main character, a very young Matt Damon, is a university student and pays for his university education with the winnings from Texas Hold'em poker tournaments. It's a very detailed film about the rules of the game as well, from the basics of how many cards are used in a poker game, to the specialized jargon, to the description of actual strategies that are difficult to describe in such detail in other films.


21 has also become a cult film due to the fact that it is based on real events, the film was released in US cinemas in March 2008. The main character is played by Kevin Spacey as a professor of mathematics who teaches some of his students to count cards in the most famous casinos in Las Vegas, trying to win as much money as possible: the story is based on a real group of brilliant students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. The Protagonist Is Always a Professor In $40,000 Not to Die (released October 1974): James Caan, the teacher develops an increasingly prominent gambling addiction and his mental health is tested as he becomes increasingly unstable

The double life of Mahovny

Another true event is based on the film The Double Life of Mahovny (2003 film), in which director Richard Kwitniowski tells the story of a Canadian bank manager (from Toronto, to be exact) who, having become addicted to gambling, carried out the most incredible bank fraud in history of Canada
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